Recipe Review – Dhruv Baker’s Chicken Chukka

If you’ve ever been in my kitchen, you’ll know how much I adore cookbooks.  Sometimes I even follow a complete recipe from one.  Stu has bought most of them for me; I think he just wants to make sure there’s food on the table and always something new to try.  I’ve decided to share my thoughts on them with you and do a regular cookbook review series.

Last week Stu told me he had ordered Dhruv Baker’s new book, “Spice”.  Dhruv was always one of my favourite Masterchef winners (he won the UK version in 2010), and I love spicy food, so I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of this one.

'Spice' by Dhruv Baker

‘Spice’ by Dhruv Baker

I had a a quick flick through it in my lunch break and decided to make the Chicken Chukka.  I was partly influenced by the fact that I had chicken left over from last night’s meal and already had all of the other ingredients, so no need to go to the shop after work.  The fact that it sounded delicious also helped.

The picture of the dish looked like a fairly dry curry, which looked pretty hot; this didn’t bother me, as I have plenty of yoghurt and I love, love, love hot.  Once I started the prep, I realised that it wasn’t as going to be particularly fiery.

The end result was a beautifully fragrant curry, with a pleasant undertone of heat, but not enough to overpower the spicing.  I always think it makes a nice change to have a curry which packs a good punch of black pepper instead of chilli.

Chicken Chukka

Chicken Chukka

I’ve not had a chance to properly sit down with the book, but if the rest of the delicious looking recipes are as good as they look, it’ll definitely become a firm favourite.

Thanks for reading; I’d love if you shared your favourite cookbook or recipe link by leaving a comment below.


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