A Cosy Quilt

I must admit, quilting is something that didn’t really appeal to me, that is until I saw a photo of the most gorgeous quilt earlier in the year. As I had a Hobbycraft gift card Stu had given me at Christmas burning a hole in my purse, I decided to give it a go.

The quilt I loved was on a white background and looked very complicated, so I thought it was best to start with something a bit more simple. I decided on an apple core design – intricate enough that it looks a bit fancy, but as I’ve used lots of patterns, my beginner’s quilting stitching shouldn’t be too visible. For you aficionados, I think I’m going to do machine quilting – leave the free motion stuff for a bit further down the line.

I got all my apple cores cut a few weeks ago, then as often happens, everything ground to a halt. I’ve now started to sew them together though. It’s a bit fiddly trying to get the shapes to fit together, but I really like the effect, so it’s worth it.

Apple Core Quilt

Apple Core Quilt

I was going to keep it for me, but my 3-year old niece, who loves all things crafty, was eyeing it up and pointing out all the things she liked about it, so it may yet grace her bed.


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