Charity Shop Chic

I’m back blogging after a bit of a hiatus, nothing was wrong, other than lazy-ass-itis.

As the summer is here and everyone wants new clothes, I thought I’d share my recent charity shop finds.  Firstly I got this lovely teal Monsoon jacket: I love the colour, gathered shoulders and binding on it.  I also picked up the little silk scarf on another outing and realised they went really well together.


Next up, I was walking past one of the charity shops close to my office and noticed them putting this dress in the window.  I tried it on, it’s a bit roomy around the shoulders, but as it’s sleeveless (and I have the ugliest arms known to womankind) I would be wearing it with a cardi or jacket anyway.  It’s definitely a bit lot more patterned than I would normally go for, but maybe I’m feeling a bit bold this year.  Lastly, I picked up the green leather jacket.  The leather is butter-soft and has a lovely vintage feel to it, even though it looks like it has barely been worn.


I’m really pleased with my finds and, to make space for my new purchases, I filled a bag of stuff I’ve not worn in a while and made Stu drop it into a charity shop before I could grab anything out of it.  For someone who doesn’t have much of an attachment to things, I’m incredibly sentimental about clothes, maybe because I remember events by what I was wearing.  It’s something I’m working on though…


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