Beady Bonanza

Definitely back on track with this blogging lark again.  To prove it, I have some finished pieces to show:

Firstly, this Alhambra Tiles bracelet, made from a tutorial by Callie Mitchell, The Peregrine Beader.

For this, I used some lovely Toho size 11 seeds with a hybrid Picasso finish, delicas, size 15 seeds, Swarovski chatons & 4mm bicones and Czech fire polished 4mm beads, also with a hybrid Picasso finish.  It was also my first attempt at cubic right angle weave – definitely a stitch I will do again.

Next up, is this Ruby Pools bracelet, which was my own design (A.K.A. “making it up as you go along”).

I used June’s Acorn Club beads from Oak Tree Crafts for this.  There are size 8, 11 & 15 seeds and 4 & mm Czech fire polished in it, stitched in a combination of right angle weave and peyote.  I love when these wee kits come through my door.

Next up, one I actually completed at the Bead Retreat; a Granada brooch, from Sabine Lippert’s Beaded Fantasies book.

For this one I used Swarovski pearls (in my favourite powdered almond colour), bicones and a rivoli, along with some size 15s.  I am so happy with the colourway of this one – it has a lovely vintagey feel to it.

Finally, a Monochrome Spiral bangle.  One of the very first bits of beading I did was to make one of the these, and I had always intended to go back and do another one, but never quite got around to it (until now):

For this one I used seed beads in size 6, 8, 11 (3 different colours) and 15 (2 different colours).  The only downside to this bangle has been that one of the colours of 15s is frosted and they are very brittle.  Not great when combined with a very stiff bangle, the outcome being that a few of them have snapped.  Hopefully it won’t get any worse, at the moment you can’t really see where they have gone, but definitely something to bear in mind if you are making one of these, especially if it’s for someone else.

Have lots more to share with you all, so will be back soon with another update.

Lisa xoxo



2 thoughts on “Beady Bonanza

  1. Thanks for the useful tips on the Cellini bangla, still on my to do list and I often go for matte or frosted beads. I shall restrict their use to the bigger beads

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