UFOs & Beads

I have no idea how it has managed to be so long since my last post.  I have been here and healthy, so have absolutely no excuse for being such a bad blogger.

Since my last post, I have been doing quite a bit of beading, including resurrecting (and ripping back) my first attempt at bead embroidery.  This is how it is looking after a couple of days:

There’s a bit of everything in here really, seeds, delicas, bugles, hex-cut, firepolished rounds (which aren’t as dark as they look in the photo), Swarovski pearls (3 & 4mm) and a big chunk of stone I got in Fort William a few years ago.  At first I wasn’t sure about the technique, but I’m beginning to enjoy it more now.

I’ve also started this Eye on the Prize bracelet, by Csilla Csmirnaz in the Feb/Mar issue of Beadwork Magazine.  I think mine has made up a bit shorter than the pattern, but don’t want to do any more of it until I’ve found a suitable clasp.

And now, a couple of finished items I’ll probably take along to the next craft fair.  Firstly, this Candy Twist bracelet for girls.  I love working with these sorbet colours, maybe more so because I tend not to wear them myself:

I also made this Ocean Boulevard bracelet from last month’s Acorn Club beads from Oak Tree Crafts.  I’ve been using blue a lot lately, which is new to me; blue was always the colour I found more difficult to use, but I’m really coming round to it now.

I promise I will be back over the weekend, as I have some lovely fabric to show.

Lisa xoxo


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