It’s been longer than I hoped since my last post, but I do have an excuse.  Last weekend the hubster and I hit the sunny climes of Spain for a lovely long weekend, which just happened to coincide with my birthday.  It was really nice and relaxing (so relaxing in fact, that I have barely made a thing since I returned) – so much better than late February in Scotland!  On my birthday we went to a gorgeous restaurant called Oliva – the food was fantastic 😀

I got some lovely goodies with my birthday money too:

A handmade leather bag from a wonderful shop called Manos – you can see the 2 leather work when you visit the shop.  The choker is also handmade and was from a boutique called (I think) Luisa Haan:

We’ve signed up for the next Tryst Craft Fair at the Dobbie Hall in Larbert, so I will definitely need to shake off my nonchalance and get making stuff.  I’ve also been aware that I haven’t done any beading for months; to be honest, I had sickened myself of it a bit, so the break has done me good.  I think it’s time to start again though.  I also want to get some polymer clay out and have a play with that…oh and my sewing stuff!!  I really love my job, but sometimes I wish I could take a year off and just spend all my time making things…well that will never happen, so I need to structure what time I do have a bit better, spend less time procrastinating (a.k.a. faffing) and more time making!

One thing I did do was make dinner on Saturday – spent over 10 hours cooking but it was well worth it.  I made lobster ravioli with lobster sauce, venison with cha-cha-cha sauce (my made up on the spot name for cherry, chilla and chocolate) on butternut squash puree, with fine beans and pancetta.  I really pleased with the sweet (mainly because I normally hate doing sweets).  I did this Pomegranate Meringue Rose Tart from Saveur, but made individual tarts, served with homemade pistachio ice cream, crystalised rose petals and pomegranate sauce.  The tarts looked exactly like the one in the picture, but I’m quite gutted I forgot to take photos – was too busy to think about it really!

Until next time…


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