Fabulous Fabrics

Greetings, oodlers.  Hope this week has been good to you so far; mine has been pretty good and to top it off, I’m away for a long weekend on Friday.

I took a trip, with my good friend, Lesley, through to Mandors on Sunday.  Mandors is a fantastic fabric shop in Glasgow –  those of you who know me in person, know I’m not much of a shopper, but I could seriously spend all day in there.  I was lucky enough to have an itison voucher, which saved me some money but still spent a fair bit (and could have spent way, way more!).

Would you like to see what I got?  If not, please look away now, because I’m going to show you anyway.

First I got this gorgeous (and very expensive) wool crepe.

The photo doesn’t really do it justice.  The feel of it is amazing and I can’t wait to make my 1950s stole from Decades of Style using it.

I also got this fabulous tulle with large velvet spots and some nude lining:

This is going to end up as a party skirt (my favourite item of clothing).

What do you think of this atlas oilcloth?

I think it will make a great weekend bag.  I’ll be using the weekend bag pattern from The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam.

Finally, some fabric for cushions:

I’m hoping these will be perfect with our sofa – they certainly seem to go well together in the photo.

So, my wallet may be lighter, but I’m really looking forward to using these fabrics to make (hopefully) wonderful creations.  The reason I am so keen to learn dressmaking is to have really well cut clothes in beautiful fabrics, not to save money.  I really want to move away from quantity and end up with a few really good quality pieces.

What skill do you want to learn in 2012, and why?

Lisa xoxo


5 thoughts on “Fabulous Fabrics

  1. I’m working on developing a few basic tried and true patterns I can use. I’m trying not to just get the fit right but also great sewing techniques. I’m not happy with the way I finish the neckline of a simple t-shirt for example. Almost there – but not quite. I should ask for a cover stitch machine for my birthday!

    I loved seeing your fabrics and wool crepe is one of my favorites!

  2. Beautiful fabrics. Even though I don’t sew, I always LOVE looking at fabric and wishing I could sew! I was in Glasgow but not long enough to shop 😦 Maybe some other time!

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