A Bit of Burlesque

It’s been an eventful few days here in Oblibbyland – I now understand how my parents felt when they used to tell me time flies by as you get older.  Of course, when I was 7 or 8 I didn’t believe them, but these days I seem to blink and it’s 4 days later, and weekends just seem to be the shortest 2 days of the week.

On Thursday, Sigrid, Lesley and I started a Burlesque for Beginners class, taught by the inspiring, talented and fabulously funny Gypsy Charms from www.burlesqueandcabaret.com.  It was at our local town hall and I have to say, I’m well impressed with Falkirk Council for putting this on.  My only disappointment is that the classes only run for 5 weeks.

I was back at the town hall on Saturday with Fee, after popping into Sumo for some pre-theatre sushi…

…this time to see Circus of Horrors.  We had heard about their Fringe shows, so were excited to discover they were coming to town.  We must have managed to get virtually the last 2 tickets, which just happened to be in the front row.  The show was great, a bit like Cirque de Soleil meets Rocky Horror, but obviously on a smaller scale.

On Sunday, we did a craft fair as Ootemiso, our banner name.  It went okay, but I think in future we’ll stick to doing the Tryst Craft Fairs ones, as their timings suit us better and we liked that they have lots of variety, yet everything is hand-made.  I did however get a chance to try out my  new display idea, which I think looks really good :D.

’til next time…


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