A bit of a hiccup

Just to show not everything goes according to plan, here’s a felt brooch that didn’t quite work:

I had wanted the Sizzix Petal Power die for some time, as I’ve seen some really nice things done with it.  This is definitely not one of them.  I don’t think it’s far away from looking okay, I just need to put it together differently.  On a positive note, I do love the colour.

To make me get off my butt and start sewing, I treated to myself to Sew What! Skirts by Francesca DenHartog and Carole Ann Camp.  I love that these don’t need a pattern, just your measurements.

On the subject of sewing, I still haven’t finished the stole I was going to make about 6 months ago.  To be honest, although I really like the fabric, I don’t think I like it for the stole.  I originally wanted a very lightweight wool, but our local fabric shop didn’t have any because it was summer.  The stuff I ended up getting is quite slippery and, although it’s a lovely colour, it’s just not right (are you picking up a theme here?).  I’m thinking about taking a trip through to Mandor’s in Glasgow one Sunday in the next couple of weeks – better set my budget before I go though, as it is a fabulous shop (or was the last time I was in, which is a few years ago).

Onwards and upwards…

Lisa xoxo


3 thoughts on “A bit of a hiccup

    • I’m intrigued too, Erin. Hoping it will be a good thing though, as I always find cutting the pattern out and pinning it a bit tedious!

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