Knit one, crochet one

One of my aims in 2012 was to update more regularly, and I still fully intend to do so, even if I was off to a bad start, only posting once last week.  I have been busy behind the scenes though; I’ve been working on my own website and hope to have it fully up and running in the next few weeks.  I’ve also been trying to declutter the house, mainly because I’m sick of the sight of all the stuff lying around that we neither need nor want. Another thing I want to do this year is more batch cooking/freezing, which will allow me to spend less time in the kitchen and more time making things. I’ve also started a couple of knitting/crocheting projects and been busily making well as last week being my first full week back at the day job after the Christmas break.

I saw these Bell Ruffle Gloves on Pinterest recently and fell in love with them.  Imagine my delight when I found out there were available as a free pattern on Ravelry.

I’m going to make them in a dark charcoal colour, with dark red piping and buttons.  So far I’ve cast on, which is an effort in itself, as I’m left handed but have worked out a way to cast on that means I don’t need to read the pattern backwards.  I would have had some done over the weekend, but realised the yarn I thought was double knitting was actually 4-ply, so had to nip to the wool shop in my lunch break today.  This will be my first attempt at using a circular needle, and I’ve also not used 5 double-pointed ones to knit gloves since I was a primary school.  Hopefully if I could do it when I was 7 or 8 years old and can do it now.  Here’s the first of the work in progress photos:

I’ve also been refreshing my memory re crochet.  I learned to do this last year but, to be honest, haven’t done much since.  I made these little star flower things, which I’m going to stitch together to make into a dressy scarf:

What are you making right now?

Lisa xoxo


9 thoughts on “Knit one, crochet one

  1. Those are cute and I love the color coordinated nail polish!
    My last kitting project was a head band for my niece with a crocheted flower attached to the side.

  2. Those hand warmers look so pretty! I should make some, my hands are always cold.

    I gave you an award! Head on over to my blog to see it!

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