Happy New Year, everyone.  Hope you all had a good one – mine was very quiet and low key but still nice.  I’m now all ready to take 2012 by the horns.

I’ve not been hugely productive so far though, with only one crafty make in 2012, although I have had orders for another 4 of these in different colours, which I’ll get done this week.

What do you think of this cute little fella?

We’re doing another craft fair next month (a retro one this time), so will definitely be taking some of these along.  I am really looking forward to it; there are quite a few things I noticed at my first fair that I should have done, but it was still a great success.  In fact I’m putting it down to beginners luck, as don’t think the future ones will be just as successful.

I’ve also been doing a bit of crocheting, which I’m pretty new to.  I originally was going to make a shrug, but it started out with a chain of 257 stitches, so I realised pretty quickly that there would be no way I’d still have 257 stitches once I did my foundation row.  I’m not yet comfortable enough with crochet to be able to count my stitches with ease and find the foundation row really difficult; I never quite know if I’m going into one chain loop or half of one loop and half of another.  Recognising my lack of experience, I’ve decided to do a scarf made of star-like flower shapes instead – is it a bit of an easy option? Why, yes it is, but easy isn’t always bad 😀

We hosted the first wine club of 2012 on Saturday night.  It was a great success, not least because my bottle won best bottle!  For food I did home-made pizza (with the help of Eve from Cupcakes & All That), penne & Nigella’s meatballs (although I cheated and bought in the pasta), cheese & crackers and whisky mac cupcakes, from the Love Bakery book, which are exceeding scrumptious.  I have to say the Love Bakery book is my favourite cupcake book ever; I’ve made quite a few of them and they’ve all turned out fantastic.

Well, better dash and start 2012 as I mean to go on, by spending more time making and less procrastinating 😉


Lisa xoxo


2 thoughts on “Twit-twoo

  1. I’m sure you’ll do fine, it wont be beginners luck! The owl is so cute, I think they’ll sell well, I know a few girls that buy in owl finds by the dozen 🙂



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