Christmas 2011

Season’s greetings everyone.  I promised I’d be back with a tree pic and some of my 2011 Christmas favourites, so here I am….and here it is, my first ever artificial tree.  I’ve always bought a real one in the past but last year was a disaster, with the tree being frozen solid when we got it and it losing all its needles well before New Year (even though it was a Nordman).

I’m really quite please with it, it’s a lovely shape and not too bulky at the bottom (although I did leave some of the bottom branches off, in order to get it closer to the window.  Will definitely need to make something to cover the ugly base next year though.

I also promised some of my favourite things of this Christmas, so here they are:

Woodwick Jar Candle in Fireside – love the crackling sound as it burns!

Soap & Glory cosmetics – my new favourite.  Luckily they’re my sister’s new favourite too, so we were discussing them before Christmas and lo and behold we both bought each other some as presents :D.

This gorgeous cardigan Mum gave me.

Our Lego advent calendar – Stewart was the lucky one that got to open Yoda in a Santa Suit, but at least I got the Millennium Falcon to soften that blow a bit.

The best bits of all though, were spending time with family & friends, along with being off work until 4th January.

Thanks for reading – hope you’re looking forward to 2012 as much as I am!


4 thoughts on “Christmas 2011

  1. Your tree looks really pretty! And that candle sounds nice, I didn’t know they had anything like that. The lego star wars advent calendar is fun! My sister did that one too.

  2. I love those crackling candles!

    I go back to work on January 3rd and after having 18 days off in a row it will be VERY hard to go back!

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