Incy Wincy Icy

Greetings, poor neglected Oodlers, so sorry I’ve been a bit lax in updating lately.  Been bedlam here in Oblibbyland, trying to get ready for my first craft fair, which I’m doing on 10 December, along with Lesley and Sigrid.

I’ve been busy making Christmas Spiders.  These are black faceted glass, but I’ll also be doing some in Swarovski Crystallised Elements.  They’re chunky little guys – each one is 30mm tall and 40mm fat (including legs)  Just need to print the little stories to go along with them.

Christmas Spiders

I’ve also been trialling some Coconut Ice.  I can’t believe I’ve never made this before…well, actually I can because I only tried home-made stuff a few weeks ago at The Butterfly & Pig, and I’ve never liked the shop-bought stuff – too fondanty and not coconutty enough for me.  This would make a fantastic Christmas present, and the beauty of it is you need zero cooking ability – you don’t even need a cooker!

Coconut Ice

If you fancy giving this a try, it really couldn’t be easier.  Grease a small baking tray (I used a silicone one, so didn’t bother greasing it).  If you don’t have a baking tray, you could probably use a plate, as the mixture is pretty firm and should stay in place.

  • 200g desicated coconut
  • 200g icing (confectioner’s) sugar
  • 280g condensed milk

Beat the icing sugar into the condensed milk until you have a smooth paste, add the coconut and mix well.  Spread half the mixture onto your tray (try to keep it around 1cm thick).  Add a little red food colouring (optional) to remainder and beat well until you have a nice even pink colour.  Spread this on top of the white mix and smooth down the top.  Leave in the fridge overnight then cut into squares.  If there are any uneven edges, you can do what I did – cut them off and eat them.  Enjoy!

Will be back shortly with more craft fair makes.

Until then…

Lisa xoxo


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