November? on earth did that happen?  One minute it felt like I had just returned from holiday, then I blinked and it’s November.

Since my last post, I haven’t done much crafty stuff, but do have a head full of plans – just lacking some motivation.

One thing I did have a go at was making my own sweeties. I had treated myself to Home-Made Sweet Shop by Claire Ptak.  I made the salted caramel chocolates and adapted the peanut butter fudge (although I think next time I’ll put even more peanut butter in it, as I adore peanut butter).  The book as fantastic – I can see me making quite a few things from it.  I especially love that it’s aimed at the UK market, so all the ingredients are easily obtainable.

I also may have mentioned this before, but I am determined to get to grips with bead embroidery this year.  Dimensional Bead Embroidery by the wonderful Jamie Cloud Eakin is a brilliant book, with really well-written instructions.  It follows on nicely from Beading with Cabochons.

I’m really keen to learn to make my own clothes, so much so that I have visions of myself in glorious party frocks, designed, cut and sewn by me.  I think reality may not be simple – so far I have only got as far as acquiring The Party Dress by Simon Henry, The Vogue Book of Sewing edited by Crystal McDonald , and Advanced Pattern-Drafting for Fashion by Teresa Gilewska I still need to get my hands on a copy of the basic one!)

I have so much to learn!!

Finally, in keep with the festivities this year, here’s Stu and I with a couple of friends at a Hallowe’en party last weekend – I’m Liza Minnelli.

Hopefully November won’t fly by as quickly as October did.

Until next time…

Lisa xoxo



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