Very Moorish


I did mean to post this a couple of weeks ago, but have been suffering a bit from labyrinthitis, so haven’t been doing much in the evenings (apart from feeling a bit sorry for myself :P).

When the hubby and I were in Spain last month, we had the pleasure of visiting The Alhambra Palace in Granada.  They day wasn’t without its hitches, including me being too tight to pay for a taxi from the bus station and dragging us halfway across the city for the shuttle bus, only to find out on the way back it was less than €10 for a taxi anyway (oops).  Poor Stu was suffering a bit from heat exhaustion too (on top of an early start – 2 hr bus journey at 06:30 to get there).  It was very warm, but have to admit I’m lucky enough not to be affected by the heat.  I’d definitely going to go back again at some point next year, but might just go myself,  and let Stu sit and enjoy a few cold beers somewhere.

So now it’s time for me to bore you with my photos!

Wonderful stonework…

… windows, doors and archways…



…and flowers:

Thought I’d leave my favourite until last

I’ll be posting some jewellery and other makes in the next few days, so please pop by again soon.


Lisa xoxo




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