There and Back Again

AKA Oblibby goes to Spain.

We went back to Spain for our summer holiday last year.  I normally like to go a new place every year, but last September we went to Nerja for a week in September and absolutely loved it, so we went back for our main holiday this year.  Have a look, isn’t it fab?

One of the things I love most about Nerja is the atmosphere.  We were staying in the old town, which has a really nice Spanish feel to it (although I should say it is more resorty one the outskirts of town).  Fab traditional tapas bars, there you automatically get a little bite to eat every time you order a drink, tavernas and lovely restaurants.  There are a couple of flamenco bars in town, we loved El Molino, which is in a old mill and a traditional style flamenco bar (no fancy dresses etc), just a singer/guitarist and bar-goers getting up to sing/dance:

…but if you’re desperate to see some flamenco dresses, I snapped these in a shop window.  Unfortunately each time I passed this shop it must’ve been siesta time (unless it only opened at certain times).  These are definitely not the typical tourist tat flamenco dresses you see up and down Spain:

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek at my holiday snaps.  I not posted about my trip to The Alhambra yet, but thought it deserved a post of it’s own, so please check back in a couple of days.  Oh and I meant to say, we’re going back for 3 nights at the end of February for my birthday – yipee!!!

Lisa xoxo


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