Divine Deco

You may remember me showing you a deco-style pendant I was working on in a previous post, well it’s finished and I am so, so pleased with it.  It was definitely a labour of love, as it took ages to bead all those links, but considering I didn’t have a pattern written down and just did what felt right, it could have taken a lot longer!!

Here is the finished product:

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to use as a clasp.  I had considered a slide clasp, but couldn’t find one long enough, but when I was at Bead & Banter at The Bead Shop Scotland with Lesley, Sigrid, Mary and Shirley, I saw a square ring which was a perfect match (this is where I bought  the large square and olive fire-polished rounds as well).

This is the clasp – I love it, even it I do say so myself – it’s absolutely perfect, especially as I have short hair so it’s on show:

I’ve already worn it a couple of times and was so pleased the first time; we were in a restaurant in London and when we were being seated the waitress commented on it.  She was stunned the I had made it, so I took it off to give her a closer look :D:D.

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I have a bit of a backlog of other stuff to show, so will be back to blogging more regularly again.

Lisa xoxo


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