Still Going

I’ve been quiet this past week, but been busily working away in the background.

Remember the large square stone and olive fire-polished beads I posted a few weeks ago?  Well, my plans for these are coming together very nicely now.  I originally planned on doing some fancy bezelling/embellishing around the stone, but when I started it I really liked the clean lines of the plain bezelling as it gave it a lovely art deco look.  To keep the art deco theme I’ve made beaded rectangles with a fire-polished round in the middle.  This is where I’ve got to so far:

I’m really pleased with it at this stage, although it may need a bit tweaking as I go along, as I don’t have the design down on paper – it’s just an idea floating around my head.

I’ve also started a Facebook page for Oodles of Obliciousness.  There’s not much there at present, but planning to start making some things that don’t take weeks to complete, so I should be updated pretty regularly.

Hope you drop by again soon.

Lisa xoxo


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