Tea & (cup)cakes

We went through to Edinburgh for the afternoon on Saturday, as we were going to grab a burger  plus rum & coke ice cream float at 99 Hanover Street for a late lunch.  We got a fab deal on Groupon and the burgers were superb (I got a Godfather & Stu had a Moroccan) and, although I was expecting the place to be more restauranty than pubby, I’d definitely go back again.

We decided to go for a cuppa (and comfort break!) not long after we first arrived and happened upon Eteaket in Frederick Street.  I had never heard of it before, and have to admit I’m not the world’s greatest tea lover (I know realise that’s probably because I chuck a bag in a cup and leave it until it’s so stewed I need to add a little milk {not a milk lover either}, but really really enjoyed the tea here.  In fact, before we left, we bought a tea strainer and 2 tubs of tea – if you’re ever in Edinburgh, you should drop in and peruse their tea menu.

I’ve been hankering after a large star piping nozzle for ages and didn’t ever seem to get around to getting one, so nipped into Lakeland and got these.  This set is great value at £11.99.  I bought disposable bags for mine, as they’re just so much easier to use the deal with than the washable type.

In honour of Saturday, I decided to make afternoon tea for Sunday dinner.  Got my adored Love Bakery cupcake book out and opted for the Peruvian Bear Cupcakes (named after everyone’s favourite behatted and duffle-coated bear).  They’re basically a chocolate cupcake filled with bitter marmalade and topped with chocolate buttercream.

I didn’t actually feel like one of these on Sunday (I’m not the greatest chocolate cake fan, so really have to be in the mood for it), but tried one when I got home tonight (purely in the interests of quality control, of course {plus I had no dinner last night, so been a bit peckish today).  Was very nice – not too chocolately, perhaps because it was made with cocoa, not chocolate.

Last night we went to see Peter Kay on the Tour that Doesn’t Tour Tour at the SECC.  Was fantastic, he was definitely on top form.  SECC car park was up to its usual shambolic standards as well – took us over an hour to get out of the damn thing!  Didn’t waste a great night though.

Will be back with some beady stuff in the next couple of days.

Lisa xoxo


2 thoughts on “Tea & (cup)cakes

  1. I absolutely adore Lakeland! Everything we have ever bought from there just *works*. And the staff at our local Lakeland are super friendly and helpful 🙂
    Those cupcakes look absolutely amazing! I might have to treat myself to that piping nozzle set 😀
    Ashley x

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