Lucky Magpie

I won’t deny I have magpie tendencies – I love pretty things, and this little beauty certainly fits into this category:

I was lucky enough to win this in a give-away by the uber talented Lynn Davy (aka Nemeton Beads).  If you’re at all into beady things, you will know here name and work and understand why I’m so happy with this cuff.  (Unfortunately my photography skills aren’t up to the standard of the cuff – it is even more beautiful in real life).

This really is a post of 2 cuffs, because I’ve been continuing work on the cuff I’ve been making.  Unfortunately the more of it I do, the more I am convinced it’s really not me.  I love the colour combo of turquoise and brown for things and on other people, but if I’m being honest neither of them are colours I wear.  I’m not sure of the whole piece either, I’m going to add another couple of rows to it to make it a bit looser, as although I love chunky jewellery, I feel this more bulky than chunky.  I will finish it but will likely give it away, as no point in keeping it if I have nothing to wear it with.

Turquoise side

Brown side

If you look closely you will see I’ve started to pin it together with some size 8 lime green seedies and have started to put the magnetic clasps on it (although these will have to be redone, as a bit fiddly).  I also feel that although both main colours and the silver accents are Miyuki size 11 beads, the turquoise ones seem to be a little bit bigger than the brown and silver ones, not sure if this is common, or it’s just one of those colour illusion thingys.

I was going to put it to the side and start on a chainmaille thing I wanted to try (may not work well as the project is listed as “advanced” and the one time I tried chainmaille before it was just a simple Byzantine bracelet, but you never know if you don’t try).  Unfortunately I must have left my chainmaille book at work and not back until Monday, so I’ll either have to get cracked on with the cuff or find something else to do.

Wish me luck!

Lisa xoxo


3 thoughts on “Lucky Magpie

  1. Well done you!
    the magpie cuff IS amazing …
    but more than that I am well impressed with your brown and turquoise cuff. You are a master of patience 🙂 it’s turned out prettier than i ever imagined! x x x

  2. caught a wee swatch of your reversible cuff today (nosey bugger) and it looks an amazing amount of work! 😀

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