A Cuff Continues

Well, I’ve had a busy weekend of beading this week.  Here is where the bracelet was on Friday:

The bases of both sides are finished and I’ve started to embellish one of them with little bumpy bits.  Here’s a little blurry close up of the bumps:

There are 162 bumps in total, 81 on either side of the bracelet.  I spend a few hours on Saturday and about 7 hours yesterday on these bumps and now this is where I am:

Both sides finished – although they are time consuming, sewing the bumps was also pretty monotonous so at least I could switch off and watch Season 2 of The Mentalist now that it’s on TV Choice on Demand.  I only got into this last year and I know Season 3 is already on, but didn’t want to watch that without seeing Season 2.

Back on to the cuff now after that brief digression.  Now comes the section where I have to wing it a bit.  In the instructions bicone crystals are used (over 300 of them) but I didn’t really want sparkle on this (plus using them would have added about £20 to the cost of the beads and I’m still not sure the colours are really me).  I’m going to try an improvisation which will be in keeping with the opaque finish of the rest of the bracelet – wish me luck!!

Will be back with another update soon.


Lisa xoxo


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