So, Sew Me

I finished my yoga bag tonight.  It’s a pretty simple tube shaped bag, with one sealed and one open end, three pockets and a thick shoulder strap.  It wasn’t difficult to make and only took about 3 hours in total (bearing in mind I am by no way an expert when it comes to sewing).  I used one of the fantastic free patterns from Amy Butler – the Nigella Yoga Bag.  Not the prettiest or fanciest thing in the world but at least it will be well used.

What doesn’t show up well in my crappy photo is the large 3-part pocket going right around the bottom half of the bag.

I really enjoyed making it and am thinking about planning a trip to Mandors in Glasgow soon, to drool over their fabrics.  I fancy trying an item of clothing next and saw a nice skirt pattern in the fabric shop, although I’d probably want to add mesh over the top of it, just because I love party skirts so much.

Really looking forward to this weekend, as going to a birthday party on Sat night, although I might be taking the car, and my first ever baby shower on  Sunday.  One of the 2 mummies-to-be won’t be there, as she had a little boy in the very very early hours of this morning – congrats C & J.  The fabulous Miss S K is hosting it and I’m going to do some of the hot food.

Next project from me will be a gorgeous cuff bracelet – check back soon for some progress reports.

Lisa xoxo


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