A Beading Journey (Part 6)

Welcome to the 6th and final part of the journey of a bracelet.  If you haven’t seen this series before, the bracelet design is from Laura McCabe’s Embellished Beadwork, an utterly fabulous book (I want to make almost everything in it).

If you have been following the journey, you’ll know that the last time I posted I was going to have to shorten the bracelet.  I did this, but it was still too long and ended up having to shorten it another twice, the final time removing some of the fringe I had added.  Believe me, the shortening was definitely the least pleasurable part of the process.  If I do this bracelet again, I think I will leave one end without the toggle and finish it off when I get to the correct length.

Anyway, after about 13 hours (albeit a couple of them spent ripping back and refinishing) over 15 days, here is the finished article:

I have to say, I really really love it – it feels so nice and slinky on.  I wore it last night to my sister’s partner’s 40th birthday dinner with this dress:

Normally, because it’s a fine knit, it catches on everything but it was fine with the bracelet.  I’ll definitely be making another one, as whenever I sat down my Mum removed it from my wrist and declared I could make her one.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this beaded journey as much as I have enjoyed documenting it.

Lisa xoxo


One thought on “A Beading Journey (Part 6)

  1. I am so not surprised your Mum declared that she needed one too!
    It’s gorgeous, A true labour of love with a happy ending!
    Well done 🙂 I don’t think my patience would stretch that far to make one!


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