A Beading Journey (Part 4)

Well, the weekend’s over once again, but I was able to spend some time on my bracelet on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

Firstly, just in case you think things seem to be going very smoothly, that isn’t entirely the case.  At about 4.5 hours into it, I’ve ended up with this huge knotty mess:

The photograph doesn’t quite capture the extent of the tangled web I managed to weave; the more I tried to untangle, the worse it got, so I ended up with no option but to cut the thread, weave in the ends and start with a new piece.

I’m now about 7 hours into the project – here’s how it looks so far.

Even though the fringe embellishment makes the diameter of the closed bracelet shorter, I am almost positive it’s still going to be far too long for me, but I can deal with that hurdle when I reach it.

Lisa xoxo


4 thoughts on “A Beading Journey (Part 4)

  1. I tell you what … that is amazing!
    I would have got tangled up in knots miles before you!

    It’s looking really funky, tactile and it’s going to be a dream when it is finished.


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