A Beading Journey (part 3)

If you’ve been following the progress of my latest beaded bracelet project, welcome to Part 3.

So far I’ve spent just over 3 and a half hours on this project.

My “snake” has grown a bit since Part 2.  In fact, now that the clasp has been added it’s a tad too long for me, but I am pretty positive this will shrink as it bulks out with the dagger embellishment.

The bracelet at the moment could be worn, but what I’m making isn’t a simple delicate piece.  I must admit to loving my jewellery on the chunky, dramatic side.  You may notice the beaded toggle clasp; if the pattern had had a metal clasp, I would still have probably made a beaded one in its place (which I’ve done before), as I love beaded clasps with seed bead bracelets and necklaces.  ‘Which reminds me, one thing I forgot to photograph when I was showing my raw materials was 2 small batches of small Japanese cylinder beads (also known as Delicas).  If I’m being perfectly honest, I overlooked these when I was reading the material list, luckily I had a suitable colour in my stash.

Now the fun begins…. adding the dagger beads shown in the photo in Part 1 of this tale.  This is the final part of the process but I have a feeling it won’t be a 10 minute task.

Hope you can join me on the next stage of the journey.

Lisa xoxo


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