A Beading Journey (Part 2)

I started the beaded bracelet last night and this is what I got done in just short of 2 hours:

So far I’ve only used the size 11 seed beads (the larger of the 2 sizes) on this project.  I managed to do quite a bit last night, but don’t expect this much progress each day – this first part is made using a relatively simple and fast-growing stitch.

Unfortunately I haven’t managed to do any today (and have had a blinding headache since late morning, so doubt I’ll do any more later tonight).

Will have another update soon though – hopefully the bracelet will begin to take shape over the next few days.

Thanks for looking.



3 thoughts on “A Beading Journey (Part 2)

  1. I could leave it like that, Sue but it’s quite delicate and I tend to like chunky and dramatic.

    It’s not too fiddly yet, Net. Not sure if it will be later as I’ve not done this design before.

    Fingers crossed it works out ok!!!

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