A Beading Journey (Part 1)

Since I’m on a mad beading kick at the moment, I thought I’d share the journey of a bracelet from start to finish – this will take a few weeks as the beads to make it only arrived today.

This bracelet will be made using 2 sizes of seed  beads, each in 2 colours, dagger beads (the long shiny ones), a few round beads, a needle and thread.  I’ll be using a pattern from Laura McCabe’s Embellished Beadwork book.

I’ve never made this design of bracelet before, so not really sure how long it will take, however seed beed work can be pretty time consuming.

I’ll post regular update photos, but unfortunately as life has got back to normal after the festive break, I won’t be able to sit around beading all day 😛

For the non-beaders amongst you, I hope this beaded journey provides a little bit of insight into one of my hobbies.  I hope you enjoy watching the bracelet’s progress.

Thanks for looking,

Lisa xoxo


2 thoughts on “A Beading Journey (Part 1)

  1. I too am looking forward to watching this unfold, not least because I’ve just ordered this book from Amazon 🙂

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