Fruits of the Forest

My beaded berry bracelet is finally finished.  Definitely not one you could rustle up in an afternoon to wear out on the town that night, but well worth the hours I put in.

It’s made using a kit from The Bead Merchant and mainly uses herringbone stitch.  The kit itself was fab, although after I put the toggle clasp on, I decided it didn’t quite look right, so made a berry toggle instead.  My only other issue was that I ran out of thread with quite a bit of the project to go, so if I was purchasing again, I’d make sure I had a spare thread, as would have been gutted to get so far and then grind to a halt if I hadn’t had a suitable colour in my stash.

Here’s how it looks when it’s fastened (I really need to get a bracelet cone for photographing things!

I think I will wear it with this skirt from Monsoon tomorrow.

Off to find a new project!


One thought on “Fruits of the Forest

  1. My goodness , that looks very complicated. A lovely bracelet and I am sure it will give you pleasure to wear it. Well done for sticking at it!


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