Foray into Fimo

Firstly, apologies for the large gaps between posts – I do always intend to be a better blogger, but don’t always quite manage it.

This week I had my first foray into Fimo for almost a year.  I made this focal bead:

I made a Skinner blend using a dark wine colour with a pale champagne colour.  I then added some raised dots in the dark wine colour brushed with Perfect Pearls in Blue Patina and cut using a Makins tiny cutter.

I also made this pendant:

For this I made a dark blue and grey jelly roll cane, which I then made into a tile cane.  I then made a grey strip using my Makins extruder and and decorated it using a Sculpey tool.  I added some tiny blue dots to the grey circles and gave the grey clay a heavy dusting with Perfect Pearls in Perfect Pewter.  I then dusted it lightly over the rest of the pendant.

I haven’t yet made these into something (to be honest they may never be made into anything, as I’m not 100% happy with the quality of them) but I had fun making them.

Thanks for looking.

Lisa xoxo


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