A Shot in the Dark

My lovely friend, Miss SK was having a girlie cocktail night on Saturday and I took these home-made Kola Kube and Soor Ploom vodka shots (& some tablet) along:

Here’s how I did it:

  • 2/3 (ish) of a bottle of cheapo vodka
  • 300g kola kubes
  • 300g soor plooms

Put sweets in a bag and bash them down a bit with a hammer then tip into a measuring jug.   Fill up to about 400ml with boiling water and stir them down until they melt.  You’ll be left with a big sweetie lump when water starts to cool – shove in microwave for a minute. eventually you’ll have a much smaller lump that just doesn’t seem to dissolve – just bin it (or eat it). When the sweet mixture cools top up with vodka to about 700ml then taste – add a little more water or vodka depending on how strong it tastes. Put in a bottle and shake.

I cheated a bit with the Kola Kube one as it wasn’t that a nice colour, so added some red food colouring to make it all pretty 😀

Not so pretty are the blisters I got making tablet earlier in the day (I didn’t get hot sugar on them – got them from all the beating with the wooden spoon)!

Thanks for looking.


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