Bargain of the Week

Firstly, I have to admit to having no love of shopping – it’s pretty boring and I can never find exactly what I want, however I do like to nip round the shops on Friday lunchtime.  Because I have to be back at work, it’s always a short, sweet visit – really, as far as I’m concerned, 30-45 minutes is always enough time for browsing the shops.

I bagged a couple of bargains last week.  This gorgeous red leather Osprey bag from TK Maxx (rrp £225, cost £70).  I love handbags and this one is a great size – big, but not too big and fabulous quality.  In my opinion you can’t beat a good quality leather bag, preferably without a ton of blingy branding (this one only has a tiny silver plate, so very discreet).

I also got this Yasmin le Bon necklace in Wallis (rrp £35, cost £2!!)

I also found a lovely dark blue velvet blazer my sister was getting rid of because it’s too small.  Since it doesn’t fit me either (and realistically never will), I’m going to make it into a bag, using one of the patterns from my Making Vintage Bags book, so watch this space!!

Finally, I got some great news that one of my best friends got engaged – congratulations to you & R, Pumpkin xoxo


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