It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll

Don’t all fall off your seats, but I’ve made another card (well another 2 actually, but forgot to take a pic of one of them).  Our friend, Paul,who’s a bit of a rock star, had a birthday last week.  He’s a big Nirvana fan, so I used a bit of artistic licence with the  Nirvana smiley face, by recolouring it to match my papers.

I used papers from the DCWV Rock Star stack, with edges inked in Chestnut (or perhaps Dark Brown – can’t remember) Cat’s Eye chalk ink.

On Saturday I went with Stu and Fee to see Lee play a gig in Glasgow.  He’s the drummer with Red Scot Chili Peppers, (another rock star friend).  This was the first time I had seen them play and they were superb!!!

Actually when I think about it, almost all my friends are rock stars or wannabe rock stars/sing stars/guitar heroes, which makes for great nights when they all get together, although I have to get them drunk so they don’t remember my wonderful singing!!!!!

Rock on, dudes (and dudettes).


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