Stringy Things

Regular readers may remember I taught myself to crochet a couple of months ago.  Thought it was time to put it to the test (after a quick refresher) and actually crochet something.  As we have family who are having a baby soon, I decided to do a little blanket.  I only started it on Friday night, so obviously still a work in progress.

I’m using a pattern from the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Happy Hooker book.

I also treated to myself to a lovely Imperia Pasta Machine and made my first batch of pasta dough.  Had ravioli on Saturday and made this spaghetti tonight:

I think I’ll make Spaghetti Carbonara from Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes.

Not much else to report, I’m afraid.  Still not progressed much with my sewing machine, but part of that is because the spare room is a tip and I really need to clear my crap from the middle of the floor.  I have promised I will do it before the end of this week…


2 thoughts on “Stringy Things

  1. I really love the colours in that blanket! Gives it a nice natural feel. And, while at first I thought it was a picture of some kind of weird loom, that pasta looks great! You should try crocheting it into little nests or something, that would be awesome.

  2. Have changed your user name to LisaB on the forum – but your email bounced back so not sure how to let you know 🙂

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