Stylish Sundays – Lace Up

Stylish Sundays continue, this week focusing on lace, an all-time favourite of mine.  So many beautiful things to choose from, but don’t worry – not a lacy thong in sight!

I have these shoes from New Look.  I got them a couple of years ago and love them to bits.  In real life they are quite a bit higher than they look in the photo, but so comfortable (well as comfortable as high heels can be).

I also got this top from George at Asda during the week.  It was an absolute steal, although the vest under it is pretty naff, but most of the time I will probably choose to wear a black one under it anyway.

If I had one wedding disaster, it was my cake (which was all wrong).  I know I should have checked it earlier in the day or before, but it didn’t occur to me to micro manage to that extent, anyway wouldn’t change a thing (after the “what the @*&$ have they done to my cake” moment I forgot about it and just didn’t look at it – it looked fine in the photos anyway), although I do think this lacy cake from Real Simple is fabulous.

I may or may not have posted here, but I have learned to crochet.  So far I’ve only done a strip of different stitches and a circle which turns into a square, so I thought it was time to throw myself into the deep end.  I’m going to make this shrug (a bit of poetic licence here, as it’s obviously not really lace) from the Patons Summer Dreams booklet.  Not started it yet, as in the middle of knitting a cardi and beret for when my best friend’s baby arrives.

Finally, a piece of pure eye candy.  I love, love, love this lace choker from Lanivich Designs and I’m sure I would wear it every day if I could afford it (well, I probably wouldn’t, but I love it anyway).

Thanks for looking.


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