Sew Simple

A friend gave me one of those cool Miche bags, with interchangeable covers for my birthday.  This is the plain bag, which has a nice black satin finish which didn’t come out well in the photo (owing to my crappy photography skills).

I got the magnetic cover below for it as well:

So, why the title of “Sew Simple” for this post, you may well ask.  Well I decided to practice on my new sewing machine and made this cover (for the cover).  Hopefully I’ll be making  more, although want to get cracking on with clothes & stuff too (wonder how difficult it is to sew with lace?)

It’s far from perfect (and I really wish I had a pair of left-handed pinking shears to save me time on the edges), but it fits and it is the first time I’ve sewn anything in over 20 years, so really quite pleased with it.  I got the fabric from Fabric Inspirations.

See you at London Fashion Week next year perhaps!!!


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