Who Dat?

Thought it was time for a little overdue holiday post.  If I’ve seen you since I got back home, you’ll already know New Orleans is my new favourite place on earth.

Going out the way all our flights were bang on schedule, and we were lucky enough to have a 7.5 hour gap between flights at Newark, NJ, which gave us plenty of time to jump on the train into New York City for the afternoon for a whistle-stop sight seeing tour. As you can see from the photos, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for our first time in NYC.

We didn’t get a chance to see the Statue of Liberty, mainly because we didn’t have a map and weren’t sure how easy it was to get to on foot from where we were.  We did intend to see it on the way home, but because our flight was cancelled and we had to go to Newark through Houston, we didn’t have enough time.

Arrived in New Orleans quite late and by that time had been on the go for about 23 hours, so just went straight to bed.  Had a couple hours in the city the next morning to get our bearings, then it was time to get the boat.  At-sea days were boring and pretty crappy weather, so not worth noting here.

Our first stop was Costa Maya in Mexico, which was lovely.  This was the nicest weather we had on the cruise, as the rest of the time it was pretty cloudy.  I really liked Costa Maya – we went to the public beach and had a nice day chilling in the sun, then strolling around the shops.

Next stop was Santo Tomas de Castilla, in Guatemala, which gave us the opportunity to go to a rain forest.  We got a taxi from the Port, which took us up the bumpiest roads ever.  We had a youth guide (and our taxi driver came along too).  Was fabulous; I couldn’t believe the humidity – made a walk of a couple of miles seem twice as far!!

Next day, it was Belize City, which was probably my least favourite of the stops (yet, the one I was most looking forward to).  We spent the day walking around the city.

The final stop was Cozumel.  Unfortunately, as I had taken loads of photos here last year, I didn’t really take any this year, so here are some of the boat.

After we left the boat, we had 3 nights in New Orleans, which wasn’t long enough, although we are hoping to be able to go back in a couple of years for our main holiday.  If you ever get a chance to go to New Orleans, you should definitely jump at it.  We arrived a couple of weeks after Mardi Gras and this is the year the Saints won the Superbowl, so there was a great atmosphere.

I’ve been trying to get to grips with the macro function of my camera (I still don’t know if I use it properly) and took these flower photos:

Thanks for looking.


2 thoughts on “Who Dat?

  1. Lovely photos – looks like you got around quite a bit!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely messages – I do appreciate it when people take the time to do that 🙂

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