Stylish Sundays – Button up

I’ve decided to try something a little different on Sundays and post some stylish themed eye-candy.  For my first foray into this, I have decided on BUTTONS.

I absolutely love buttons – nothing transforms a cheap jacket or blouse like swapping the buttons for nice ones.  There are so many cute button things around at the moment and these are some of my current favourites.

Fantastic button shortbread biscuits from forty-sixth at grace

Oodles of stunning button flowers &  felt ones with button centres at Princess Lasertron

These clear stamps, which I want to buy from EJR Beads

And, in case covered buttons are feeling a little bit left out, this little beauty by Alex Costa (sorry I can’t find a website  for her)

This is Prym Easy Cover Button Maker is definitely next on my list when I’m buying from a haberdashery site.  Remarkably cheap and looks very easy to use, this allows your to cover a blank button with a fabric of your choice.

I’m off to cut some buttons from old clothes.  Hope these have inspired you too.

Thanks for reading xoxo


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