Time for a change?

19 September 2013

I’m very aware that this blog has slipped off my radar a bit – I sort of list focus and reason to post. Think a wee revamp may be coming soon…

Sweet Stuff

11 August 2013

I’ve been busy playing hooky and came up with this wall hanging I’ve called ‘Sweet Stuff’


I used Stylecraft Special DK and a 4mm hook.

I have lots more ideas between my ears, so will be back to show more soon.

Busy, Busy Oblibby

31 July 2013

It has been so long since I updated, but my blog is not forgotten (although it is a tad neglected). I’m working on a new look, but in the meantime here are some pics of stuff I’ve been making:

Eye on the Prize bracelet. Based on a design by Csmilla Csmirnaz

Bead crochet necklace

Home Sweet Home cushion

Ripple Crochet Cushion

Granny Hexagon Cushion

Crochet Wreath

Pursuit of Power bangle

Waiting for Spring to Spring

14 April 2013

A couple of months seem to have slipped by since my last post; I have no idea how this happened, nor where time goes.

Weather here has been total pants. I’ve never know March and April to be so cold. To make matters worse, I’m still carrying a knee injury from they urn if the year – have now been instructed to rest for 3 weeks.

To cheer myself up, I’ve started on this crochet wreath for craft room. I was so pleased with how neat me base turned out, I almost didn’t want to cover it. I bought a styrofoam base from Hobbycraft, which means the wreath us lovely and light and will be easy to hang.


I am especially pleased with the big pink flower and the thistle. Should get this finished this week, although I need to set aside some time to clean my desk, as I have a few sewing projects I want to start.

What projects do you have lined up over the next few weeks?

Toodles xoxo

The Rain in Spain

4 March 2013

Hello again, Oodlers. Since I last updated, I’ve spent a lovely few days in (not so) sunny Spain.

On the Saturday, we decided to explore Malaga a bit. I fell in love with the city, even though the weather was a bit on the chilly side (okay, I was so cold I thought I might die!) and we ended up leaving early than originally planned, just to get a heat on the bus. Some stunning buildings and we took in the Picasso museum as well. Next time my task will be to take only hand luggage but find space in it for my DLSR camera!


I’ve also managed to master bead crochet and made this necklace for a crochet group swap on Ravelry


The best part of the swap was that I managed to swap in person whilst on holiday, as by a total fluke, my partner lived about an hour away from where we were staying. We spent a lovely couple of hours chatting and drinking coffee.

Here are my lovely swap goodies.
The pincushion will be fab for when I start learning dressmaking (definitely this year – no excuses!), as I’m really bad for sticking pins in my trousers (well, jammie bottoms) and forgetting about them until they stab or scratch me later.

Toodles for now xoxo

I Get A Round

13 February 2013

Hello again, blogosphere. I’m still hooked (pun intended) on crochet. Remember the Tucson Throw I did a few weeks ago? Well, I still had some yarn left, and a silver round cushion I got years ago in Ikea, so I though it crochet a cover for it. I used a basic granny circle pattern I found on Ravelry, but the best bit for me was working out how to shape the back to let my puffy cushion sit inside it nicely.

Futon on the spare room is looking very swish now.


I now have to work out how on earth to crochet a cover for the other cushion, which is a 5-pointed star shape!

Other than that, I’ve learned bead crochet. This only happened 2 days ago, so no photos yet! It’s actually ideal for taking to work or doing whilst watching tv, as you don’t need to worry about dropping beads. Stringing them is an utter pain though.

I completely forgot it was pancake day yesterday, so I think I may make sofficini (aka crispy pancakes) for Sunday dinner instead.

Anyway, must dash – need to string more beads for my current project.

Toodles xoxo

Simple Pleasures

26 January 2013

One of my aims for this year is to take time to enjoy little things. I’m terrible for taking on too much, going hell for leather, then spending any spare time I have procrastinating. This year I’m going to relax a bit but try to be more productive in my spare time.

Something that gave me enormous pleasure was finishing my crocheted Tucson Throw.

It was a free pattern on the Naturally Caron site and my first big crochet project. I used Sirdar Supersoft Aran in Scrummy Plum, Kingfisher, Denim and Sand.

I decided not to put the fringing on it, but have some yarn left over, so I can always go back and do it at a later date. It already has pride of place on the futon in the spare room, which doubles as my craft room, so I’m looking forward to spending some chill time in there now.

Next up I’m making a cushion cover in the same colours. I love big projects but when they’re done, I really like to do some smaller things. I’ve also got the urge to pick up a beading needle again; I have a few unfinished objects to work on, so trying to convince myself to work on these before starting something new!

Another simple thing that makes me smile is my new egg chicken


I had wanted one for ages but couldn’t make my mind up between cream and patterned. It looks so much nicer in the kitchen than egg cartons lying around.

Better dash, my hook and needle are beckoning.

Stay warm everyone.

Toodles xoxo

Sneak Peek

22 January 2013

It’s amazing how quickly we fall back into the humdrum routine. I definitely seem to have a bout of the winter blues this month, but hopefully with the lighter nights starting to come in, I’ll soon be feeling a bit more chipper.

I was going to post a work in progress photo of the crochet throw I’m working on, but as I’m going to finish it this week (feels like I’ve been working on it got a million hours), I thought I’d keep you in suspense…instead I’ll show you the yarn I’m using.


I really love these colours, as they’re strong, yet still somewhat muted.

I’m at that stage where I just want the throw finished and to start something else, maybe a bit of beading and a smaller crochet project which I can do simultaneously. I always feel like this with a project – I’m sure it’s because I hate that boring finishing things off part!

Anyway, better get cracking on, or it’ll never get done.

Toodles xoxo

6 Months Later

9 January 2013

I can’t believe it has been exactly 6 months since I’ve blogged. What I’ve achieved in the past 6 months is questionable, but I have returned from my blogging hiatus full of ideas and inspiration.

I’ve still done very little to my website, but I’m now the owner of a nice new laptop, so no excuses there.

Over the past few weeks I’ve rediscovered crocheting (after my very brief foray into it before) and I love it. I had previously crocheted a pram blanket, but it was all in double crochet. I’m now working on a throw, and hoping to have the finished article to show off in the next week or so.

I sort of lost my love of beading, but it has returned and I’m looking forward to starting some new beady projects.

Sewing, especially dressmaking, didn’t quite materialise the way I wanted it to in 2012, but this year I am determined to produce something.

I’ve also started a declutter and hope to rope in a friend or 2 to assist with this, as I really feel the amount of craft stuff I have actually puts me off crafting – I see all the stuff and feel overwhelmed. I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels like this.

I’ve still been cooking up a storm and made this Chicken Gnocchi Soup last night.


I used a recipe I found on Pinterest as a reference, then changed it about to suit my own taste (the original was very creamy!). It was definitely a winner, so in sure I’ll be making it again.

Thanks for looking.

Oblibby xoxo

What’s My Name?

9 July 2012

No finished jewellery to show today, but I do have some name badges I made for the girls who work in a local tea rooms.  The original idea I had in mind for these just didn’t work well, but I am really pleased with the alternative I came up with – I think they have a really nice retro look to them:

I have some almost finished beady things too – really must get them completed -  I hate having stuff lying around that isn’t finished, but I also seem to lose some enthusiasm once I’m about 75% finished – does anyone else have this problem?

I haven’t been doing much beading for the last month or so, which is something that happens every now and again; time just seems to pass me by sometimes.  Luckily I have a week off work later this month, so I’m looking forward to some crafty time, as well as spending time with my lovely hubby.  I even bought a beginners lampworking kit a couple of weeks ago, so definitely planning to spend one day melting glass.  Speaking of lampworking, the wonderful Linda at Inside the Fire gave me these stunners.  I’m really looking forward to making them into something, but also a little scared I don’t do them justice!  The colours are so me – I am like a broken record, the amount of times I say “you can’t go wrong with black, camel and grey”.

Everything else in life is ticking along nicely.  As always, I have a list of things as long as my arm I want to get done…sometimes I even manage to tick one or two of the off the list.  I still need to do a lot of work on my website, and shift this blog over there, but hopefully in the next few weeks, I have that sorted.  At the same time, I also want to tackle all the crap I have in the spare room.  Do you ever feel sometimes you just have way more stuff than you’ll ever need or want – I am definitely feeling this at the moment.  Haha, if there is anything of mine you want – why not ask me.  You never know, the frame of mind I’m in at the moment, you may just get lucky.

Until next time…

Lisa xoxo


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